Healthlink offers its first 12-strong range to market

Healthlink is now offering a 12-strong range of lifestyle products under its new global branding.

The lifestyle range has been segmented into five categories – Healthy Woman, Healthy Man, Lifestyle, Heart Health & Joint Care. These have all been specially chosen, designed and packaged to have global appeal to both established and emerging markets.

Already some of the best sellers include: Healthy Man – A multi-vitamin product with a unique combination of micro-nutrients; Healthy Woman is another multi-vitamin product of micro-nutrients helps keep women at the top of their game. These are both one-a-day tablets of combined vitamin and mineral supplements specially formulated to maintain health and vitality in men and women of all ages

Another popular product is the Hair, Skin & Nails - a food supplement containing vitamins and minerals ideal for healthy looking hair, nails and skin.

If consumers are looking to give their immunity a boost, Immune System offers a one-a-day product to provide vitamin and mineral supplement formulated to keep the immune system healthy. It contains an effective combination of no less than 22 vitamins and minerals including Vitamins A, D, C, K, B2, B12 as well as Iron, Magnesium and Folic acid.

For those with a multi-tasking lifestyle there is the Busy Lifestyle supplement aimed at anyone who leads a busy and active life and needs something to give them a boost from the inside. This supplement contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals including 100% guideline daily amounts or over of Vitamin A, D, E, C and B6, as well as a further 13 other healthy minerals.

Expectant mothers don’t have to spend a fortune to keep themselves healthy during pregnancy. The Pregnancy supplement is ideal for both pre-pregnancy and gestational health with each tablet containing Vitamin D, E, C, K, B6 and B12 as well as folic acid.

Aimed at other key sections of society, Healthlink’s Joint Care supplements help both athletes and the more mature thanks to two key ingredients. Heathlink offers two products, Glucosamine & Chondroitin and Glucosamine & Vitamin C. Chondroitin, a naturally occurring substance found in the joints, helps to attract fluids and nutrients into the cartilage. This is combined with Glucosamine Sulphate, a nutrient that also occurs naturally in the joints and muscles. Taken together these provide comprehensive nutritional support to the joints and connective tissues.

Co-Q10 is a fast growing dietary supplement. Co-Q10 (Coenzyme-Q10) is a vitamin-like nutrient involved in the production of ATP, the primary source of cellular energy throughout the body. Healthlink Co-Q10 capsules are a great way to augment the body's natural production of this important nutrient.

Omega-3 Fish Oils are renowned for their health giving properties and each capsule of Healthlink’s omega-3 fish oil concentrate contains a rich source of eicosapentoenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaeonoic acid (DHA). These two essential fatty acids are used by the body in the production of prostaglandins and are important constituents of cell membranes.

When it comes to women’s health, the range offers the Menstrual Cycle supplement. The tablets are a vitamin and mineral food supplement specially formulated to help support vitality and wellbeing throughout the menstrual cycle. They contain riboflavin, vitamin B12 and iron to contribute to red blood cell formation and thiamin, vitamin B6, magnesium to support the normal functioning of the nervous system.

And for the millions of women worldwide who know the misery of the Menopause and its exhausting symptoms such as fatigue, hot sweats and mood swings, Healthlink’s Menopause supplement can offer support. The carefully balanced formula contains a range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that contribute to the maintenance of healthy bones, heart, muscle function and energy metabolism.

All products in this comprehensive range come in a one month supply pack and are free from sugar, gluten, yeast, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. The team behind the brand has ambitions to expand this to over 40 lines to meet growing consumer demand worldwide.